Hi, I'm Ahidee

(Pronounced I-dee)

Thank you for spending time here. 

This is a space where I will be documenting bits and pieces of our life, but mainly, about 2 of the most important things in my life right now, homeschooling and my faith. I'm using this as a "diary" of sorts that my boys can come back to one day and learn about their momma's struggles, fears, doubts, faith & love for our family. 

We've been homeschooling for almost 7 years. Every year we spend in this space, I fall in love with it more and more. The blessing to spend ALL of my time with my boys is truly amazing and I'm forever grateful to my husband for taking on being head of household. 

Our homeschool style I feel is unique, eclectic in a way. I piece together their curriculum, we life-school tons, we do focus on our spiritual growth as well though and we love and accept all. 

My faith journey is a long one, full of failures, low points and doubts. I'm still growing, I'm still learning and  longing for a relationship with YHWH. 

My faith is rooted in Hebrew. I try my best to observe Torah, we keep Shabbat & we are simply going back to basics, back to the old way of doing things, as commanded by our creator. You know, the way the Messiah came to show us how to live...like that. 

I hope you find inspiration, positivity, love, acceptance and encouragement here, thank you for gifting me your precious time.



Love & light, 



Ahidee's Philosophy

I believe that there is NO right way to homeschool and that the perfect homeschool can only exist for us if it fits. I'm not here to tell you my way is the right way...but rather guide you in finding your own zone of happy. 

I believe in lifeschooling as much as I believe in academics. Real life is all around us, not strictly in between 4 walls filled with desks. I believe learning can happen literally anywhere. I believe in freedom to choose to learn what you want, when and how you want. I believe in taking breaks, breathing in and out...a lot...& I believe whatever reason you have to homeschool is valid & good enough. 

I believe parents should be empowered to homeschool their children instead of scared out of it, for homeschooling is a BRAVE choice. I believe it all starts at home. I believe it is our responsibility to educate our children. I believe in recognizing their strengths and uniqueness and building them up rather than forcing them to think, act like and learn like twenty-something other children in a classroom. I believe that we should nourish our bodies when hungry, rest them when tired. I believe in being students of life, for life.