Meet the face
behind the posts

Hola, my name is Ahidee (pronounced: Ay-dee)

I'm a first generation Latina home school boy mom from Houston Texas.

I've been a serial entrepreneur since my teens and I'm now on a journey to a more simplistic  and holistic lifestyle. Depresh, anxiety and stress have all been known offenders in my life since I can remember, but with YHWH's grace and lots of persistence (*ahem...natural remedies) I've been able to navigate through it successfully. I share some of my victories here and on my social media in hopes of  shedding light, awareness, knowledge, hope or the slightest sliver of help to someone.

I'm an avid crafter at heart and I also love to dance when no one is watching.

This blog is simply another creative outlet for my bohemian mind and heart, so I feel very grateful and humbled that you've visited my little corner of the web.

Let me know what's on your mind

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