I'm a serial entrepreneur, wife and mom of three boys. I'm a first generation Latina homeschool mom of 2 of my three at the time, so trust me when I tell you that I went into homeschooling knowing squat about squat. 

I try my best to spread a little of what I've learned about homeschool

to the Hispanic community any chance I get.

My life is pretty chaotic most days, from homeschooling my boys to running a restaurant among other small projects and side hustles to being a stay at home mom to running this blog and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a thing or two; I am ALWAYS juggling a lot but I'm also learning to ENJOY it ALL.

I'm a crafter at heart and I love to dance when no one is watching.

I've been a wannabe vegan or at the very least vegetarian FOR EVERRR!

Every year is the year I finally accomplish this since 2009 ish.

I've suffered from depresh and anxiety since I was a teen, chronic stress is also my thang. I don't always deal with everything life throws at me with grace but I sure as heck always try. Sometimes, when I truly trust my creator, it's not so bad.

I share some of these victories here or on my social media in hopes of helping someone in ANY way, even if small.

My life revolves around my boys & my husband Leonel. We are a really tight knit family and we are very much home bodies (<-- fancy word for lazy)

Leonel works in the oil and gas industry=chemical plants (total Houston cliche) therefore his schedule sucks most of the time so we really love taking advantage of his free weekends by cooking out, taking day trips around town or heading to the Hill Country.

This is simply yet another creative outlet for me, so I'm so grateful and humbled that you are visiting my tiny corner of the world.



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