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Amazon Homeschool Essentials Under $30

Homeschool survival kit - All the homeschool things under $30 totally worth the hype & money

As a #homeschoolingfamily of 3, I'm always looking for simple, stress-free and convenient ways to increase productivity, engagement and creativity in our homeschool. Having things on hand ready when needed is one of those simple things that has a major impact in our homeschool. Today I'm sharing the ultimate #hoemschoolsurvivalkit with all of my favorite homeschool accessories and the best part is they are all $30 or less and you can have them in your homeschool in less than 48 hours thanks to Amazon.

#1 Handy Dandy 3 hole punch

No homeschool is complete without a 3 hole punch. Even if your kids homeschool online, this is a must. My favorite is this one from #amazon which has an ergonomic handle and 30 sheet capacity.

#2 Laminator

Another must in any homeschool, especially one with elementary ages littles. Our laminator has been well loved and used for everything from flashcards to games and dry erase everything.

#3 Magazine File Holders

These are super handy to have around for both mom and kiddos.

I organize my answer keys, planner, tests and printables in these magazine holders and the boys use them in their desks/rooms to organize their notebooks, books and text book curricula. They help work spaces look organized and tidy.

#4 Electrical Pencil Sharpener

Not only a time saver but a money saver too! It neatly contains the shavings within the sharpener container, super easy to empty and even easier to use. Sharpens pencils in less than 8 seconds and doesn't get lost like handheld ones do, needing to be replaced often. Ours is going on 3 years and still works perfectly.

# 5 Dry Erase Board (Table top edition)

I don't know about you but just because I have the space for it, doesn't mean I want to have my house looking like a school room. I am NOT a fan of white boards on stands or chalkboards for that matter, but every homeschool needs a visual writing board for certain lessons, especially vocabulary and math, which is why I was super happy to find this table top dry erase magnetic board. Fits in most drawers, bookcases or cupboards, making it easy to conceal as it's not bulky at all. You can easily bring it out when needed and put it out of sight when you don't. By far one of my all time favorites. You're welcome

#6 Incentives

I found these super adorable punch cards on Amazon the other day and they are a big hit in our homeschool. You can use these as incentives for the reluctant students in your homeschool lol. I like to use them to encourage good behavior, organization, extra work, chores and literally anything else you have trouble getting kids to do.

#7 Grading Tool

If you use a grading system in your homeschool then this is a real time saver and is really useful when you have multiple things to grade.

#8 Plastic Envelope Folders

There are so useful in a homeschool, especially if you have multiple elementary littles.

I use these to tear out and hold their daily work. I can organize a week worth of worksheets and print outs for at least 2 kiddos. I use a color code system and assign a color to a day of the week. The kids know what folder they need to work on daily.

#9 Learning Games

When learning gets a little boring, confusing or hard for our littles, it's our job to think outside the box and encourage them through play learning. I love adding learning or logic games to our homeschool. This mainly works on elementary aged children of course but don't underestimate the power of logic games or even a trivia games on middle schoolers and high schoolers. When we have a a poorly productive or frustrating school day, I like to take the edge off by ending our day with some learning game fun. Learning games help kids forget about everything they had trouble with at "school" and builds their confidence. I like having multiple games on hand for "when all else fails" type of days.

#10 Portable Lap Desk

Okay portable lap desks are the shizznit.

They are perfect for homeschooling on the go as they provide the kids and even adults with needed writing support surface. They can be used while sitting on the floor, outdoors and even from bed on a gloomy homeschool day.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Did I miss something? Let me know your favorite homeschool essentials in the comments.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much for stopping by! This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from my links. Please trust and know that I only share items that I personally use and love.

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