A+Interactive Math Curriculum Review

An honest review of our experience using A+TutorSOft, inc.'s A+Interactive Math Family Math Package

When I first came to the realization that homeschool was a go, I was a nervous wreck over teaching math to my kids. I stressed for MONTHS knowing that math was always my weakest, I mean WEAKEST subject.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try (and review) A + Interactive Math’s Family Math Package by A+ TutorSOft, inc., and although we were already established with a Math program in our homeschool, I jumped at the opportunity because through their Adaptive Math Curriculum with Placement tests, I am able to identify and close learning gaps in my children’s math skills. This has always been one of my biggest concerns as a homeschool mom, verifying and making sure that what they are learning is sticking for one, and two, that they aren’t developing huge or tiny, for that matter, learning gaps in any of their subjects.

How it works

"Long live the internet!"

Okay so first things first, this math curriculum is an affordable online subscription for 12 months for up to 10 students! Such a great feature for larger families. And it’s about to get even better because they are having an awesome January Promo offering 20% off their 1 year Family Math Package + 6 months FREE!!! Simply use the promo code homeschooltribe at checkout to get your 20% off and thank me later!

They do offer a monthly option but you definitely get a better deal with the yearly subscription.

The “teaching” happens via multimedia lessons or a more typical text format (through eBooks). You can purchase CD’s and workbooks as well, but I really love the independence that online curriculums allow the children, plus, they get to practice and master the keyboard of our computer so win win.

Each lesson has corresponding Q&A features and a worksheet the students can work on, which is great because you can choose to have them do the worksheets immediately after the lesson or alternate and have them back track a few lessons to reinforce the learning, which is the way I use them 😉

The interface is user friendly and easy for parents and littles alike. It’s easy to navigate and explore without an overwhelming feeling of getting lost.

A+ Interactive Math does all the grading and re-teaching areas of concern throughout the lessons, which is great! It takes all the guessing work and stress away from the parents and you can rest assured your child is being guided with intellectual care throughout. It’s a really awesome program for those teaching multiple ages, as you can use the “online” time of your older students with one on one teaching with younger children and save yourself time

and sanity!

More Deets

Another great feature is that the program offers levels 1- Algebra 1 which is rare in an online curriculum, I personally had NOT come across anything online for the earlier elementary years. I love that my 1st grader can use the SAME program through High School. The level 1-3 may require a little maneuvering or navigating help with the younger students as they familiarize themselves with a computer, pointer and all that good stuff. I do have to sit with my 7-year-old to guide him through clicking through lessons and worksheets etc., but I don’t mind it. I would probably still do it just to be sure he is doing the work and not distracting himself. I also assist him in reading some of the prompts or work as he is not an independent reader just yet. As for my 6th grader and 8th grader, this is great as an independent subject. I do keep track of their progress, but they can pretty much get through it all on their own. I love programs that allow them to work independently and with little to no supervision needed because it gives the children confidence and responsibility, accountability even, which is something I want them to have a lot of.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that WE LOVE this curriculum and now I’m planning to incorporate it into my homeschool as our only math program for my 1st grader and as a reinforcing program for my 2 middle schoolers. I’m SO grateful to the founders of such a great program. Vinod, thank you for gifting my family such an awesome opportunity to review this amazing curriculum and for creating something SO easy to fit into ANY homeschool.

Here are their links so that you guys can keep up with them on social media and online:

Instagram: @aplustutorsoft

Web: https://www.aplustutorsoft.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APlusTutorSoft/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aplustutorsoft

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aplustutorsoft

Guys SERIOUSLY, give it a try! YOU literally have zero $$$ to loose as you get the first month free!

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