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Popular #homeschool things we DON'T do

Just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to do it.

As a first time homeschool mom, I tried all the homeschool things everyone was doing. Mainly because I wanted to follow these veteran homeschool moms and do things their way because well, obviously homeschool was working for them.

“Copying what someone else is doing is only going to make you loose time & gain frustration in your homeschool”

Why? Simple, we're not the same; Our lifestyles and personalities are different so we won't have the same experiences.

#1 - Any type of baskets

I loved the idea of morning baskets but they never worked for us. It felt very awkward for us. That just isn't party of our learning style or personalities so I quickly repurposed that basket for crafts instead lol - Remember that homeschooling doesn't mean forcing the same type of learning others do on our kids.

#2 - Schedules

I spent SO much time looking for the perfect schedule you guys, no joke, probably like a year and some months of constantly trying to find our perfect schedule.

I copied so many and NONE worked. I was ready to quit at this point.

Then I asked myself, "Ahidee, when the F have you ever kept a schedule for anything?" Never!

I realized trying to keep up with a schedule made me frustrated because well, I was always trying to keep up! Truth is that life happens and a blocked or timed schedule leaves little room for error without sending your day into chaos if anything pops up.

The solution you ask? ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE!!!

We created a homeschool routine that flows well with our natural day to day . Here's my definition of both:

Schedule: Blocked periods of time throughout your day with specific tasks or in the case of homeschool, subjects, assigned to each time block.

Routine: A sequence of actions frequently followed.

Since we ditched timed restrictions, our homeschool was transformed into a more relaxed setting that the boys naturally gravitate to because it flows so naturally with our day. We don't do alarm clocks for wake up time, we don't have timed activities or "classes". Simple solution to a BIG problem.

#3 - Co-Ops

Okay so co-ops are really popular in the homeschool community and I can understand why, truly, I get the appeal. However, in my humble opinion, they are very demanding of time, pricey and defeat the purpose of the concept of homeschooling. I took my kids out of a public school where they are expected to learn in a classroom setting like everyone else there, why put them back into that same scenario? No thank you.

What are some popular homeschool things you didn't like?

#4 - Alarm Clocks

I quickly realized that my boys weren't morning people, just like me. It took me 30+ years to train myself to become a morning person, I certainly didn't expect the boys to magically become morning peeps just because I wanted them to. Plus, one of the reasons we homeschool is that we get to decide our own time distribution and flow so I fully take advantage of all the benefits these days.

By allowing the boys to organically wake up, I know that they will be fully rested, because I allowed them to sleep until their bodies naturally woke up and I know their mood is going to be more on the chipper side of the bed.

Don't get me wrong, we don't sleep in unless I know we had to stay up later than usual due to a family event or due to someone being sick or something, but not just because. However, Around 8-9am I begin cooking breakfast for them, usually the smell from that will act as an alarm clock.

I find it that if I respect their internal clock, in all aspects not just sleep, they are a lot more productive in our homeschool.

Remember that homeschool is what you want it to be and what you make it. Just because it sounds nice doesn't mean you have to apply it in your homeschool. Change things up to benefit and support your homeschool if needed.

Chat soon,


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