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Who doesn't love NETFLIX? Listen, if you're a busy homeschool mom and you aren't using Netflix as a learning method you're missing out friend!

Allowing my boys to watch one or several episodes of Netflix's famous The Who Was? Show is about as much homeschooling as we get to do when I'm dealing with unexpected bumps in the road during a chaotic day. We homeschool in Houston y'all so any errand that may pop up will surely take me no less than a couple of hours to and from. So, educational documentaries and Netflix to the rescue! Don't be afraid to use screens for a little learning sesh when all else seems impossible. Everything in moderation.

We love the show and I wanted both a way to confirm they were retaining the information and spark their creativity, so, I created this trendy little summary report that can very well be used with any other show, movie or even book. I had to catch their interest first, especially my 6th grader so I used an Instagram inspired layout to challenge their imagination.

I filled this one out so you can get the full picture of how my son gets creative with using hashtags. I always request at least 4 drawings or sketches and the rest to be filled out with info and "hashtags" or even cut outs from magazines for my younger son.

I hope you love it enough to use it in your homeschool and enjoy it as much as we do!

Click HERE or the image below to download the template.

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