No, I'm not crazy...hear me out.

woman holding a book, next to a coffee mug

Sane mom = happy homeschool

“Loving yourself isn't vanity, it's sanity”

It's all fun and games until you realize that homeschooling means you'll never ever get alone time, like ever again.

This isn't the wort thing about homeschooling seriously, I really enjoy spending ALL of my time with the boys. However, I believe time in solitude is important for everyone, even the kids. It's kind of hard to do that when mom and kids are all getting the day started at the same time. Unless you make the time for YOU, it will be hard to come across it organically.

My husband wakes up at 4:30am for work daily, I like to wake up with him, make him breakfast & see him off. He's gone right by 5am so I started staying up. I like slow mornings. By waking up at 5am, that gifts me at least 4 whole hours to myself. I sip on my tea or coffee, spend time in scripture, meditate, work out, shower and ready myself by the time the kids wake up. This has given me the luxury of having time to do my manicure more often, but most importantly, it keeps me sane man. Homeschooling is very time consuming, not to mention extra curricular activities, chores & cooking. Since waking up at 5am, I've definitely noticed I'm less likely to be moody or feel rushed and get overwhelmed by life. Taking care of yourself will improve your productivity. You will accomplish more naturally because you're literally adding time to your day. If you can do things that are important to you during this time you will never feel resentful towards homeschooling for taking up all of your time.

No!!!!! she wasn't ready!

Those days will be over amiga. Gifting yourself the luxury of time is priceless. You'll inevitably be ready in all sense of the word. Mentally, physically and emotionally. You have more time now remember, you should have no reason to be unprepared for he day.

I remember my first year as a #homeschoolmom was brutal. I would get so upset at hoe unorganized I felt or unprepared because I'd forgotten to but some supplies for a lesson or something, that energy transfers to our kids and then they're in a crappy mood. Then out of frustration with myself mind you, I'd get snappy with the kids and maybe raise my voice more times than I'd like to admit. Again, this energy isn't helpful. The kids would pick up on my energy and then they'd be a lot harder to get into learning mode or cooperative mode.

The more prepared I am, the more prepared and organized your #homeschool will be & your children will also benefit from this.

You'll have a cleaner house

Clean space, clear mind”

Okay so after meditating and spending time in scripture, I like to tidy up before the chaos of the day begins, and, lets be honest, gets piled on to yesterday's chaos.

I'm definitely not one to be after the kids cleaning all day, so if I can start the day off with a clean slate, the house seems less "lived-in" to put it nicely, throughout the day.

I will usually do one to two loads of laundry, make my bed, sweep, mop & tidy up the kitchen which is what seems to get the most traffic in a house full of boys.

It definitely feels good to make breakfast & move on to homeschooling in a clean space, without having to worry about all the things that need to get done. I find it that when my house is clean, my mind too feels less "cluttered" and I'm able to function better & be more creative in our homeschool.

You'll be a happy unicorn all day

As long as you make it a priority to spend this time doing things that will help improve MOM, then this is an added bonus. Spending time in scripture in combination with exercise, whether it be yoga, walking a few miles or hitting the gym, will surely give me all the happy hormones. Find all the things that make you happy and do them during this time.

Truth is, stress will likely visit us daily, several times a day. It's life you know. When I work out first thing in the morning, I handle stress better, probably because of the endorphins I release by sweating it out. Then while working out, I almost always have a few moments of feeling proud of progress or maybe even listening to a podcast or engaging with someone, again, endorphins + dopamine= happy unicorn mood. Spending time in peace and quiet with our creator always makes me feel good, again...feel good hormone galore. See, I'm creating more pleasurable moments during my day to at the very least balance out all the stressful ones. You can do this too by adding time to your day momma.

These are only a few of my favorite things that have helped improve my homeschool day to day. These are small things that add up to BIG changes, give it a try and let me know how it went.