• Ahidee Romero

Wreck THIS Journal -review

Spoiler alert! - we LOVE the Wreck this Journal.

If you have kids, especially teens/pre-teens that are not naturally drawn to be creative, this journal will definitely be a great motivator. Some of the prompts are a little out there and random but my boy gang and I concur that that is where the fun is at!

I am super creative by nature and always crafting, painting or hot gluing something....my boys unfortunately didn't get bit by that bug and all this technology can be super intrusive if not careful, so what is a mother to do when you want to give them a reason to put the phones down and let their mind do the thinking for a change? I'll be honest here and tell you that I have struggled with how to do that at times. I will give them options, suggestions but they always get shot down with an, " ehhh, no thank mom." The WRECK THIS JOURNAL grabs their attention with wacky things like having to use your tonge to "draw" something on a page. I know ewww! but if you have boys, trust me, they'll be into it! anything to get them off their phones and running around the house looking for things to do with or to their journal. In our experience with is so far, my teen will even try one prompt several times in different ways! Wait, what!? He'll involve his brothers in some of the suggestions and they have tons of fun with it.

We include "Journal time" in our homeschool loop schedule in an effort to get my boys to explore their minds out of the norm. It's been super fun seeing them doing things out of ordinary life. This journal does just that, so it's a great fit. As a creative mom, it gives me life to get a tiny glimpse of their creativity come to life.

Give it a try and let me know how you liked it!

Until next time,

Here's a link to the journal in case you missed it in the post:

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