Girl, you can totally homeschool! Even if you work.

Can you really work (part or full time) and homeschool your kids? The answer is YES.

...But it does require some work. Let me tell you how I was able to work full time and homeschool my 3 boys for 3 years.

Technology is your BFF on this one honey

I know we're often shamed into NOT allowing our kids tons of screen time. I say, "Take advantage of that shit!" Especially if you have to split yourself between home & work...

Because sometimes it CAN be a good thing if used purposefully.

The truth of the matter is, not everyone is able to quit their jobs and live on one income in order to homeschool & stay home to be a domestic goddess. If you find yourself suddenly homeschooling, (thanks COVID!) or simply WANT to but you can't really afford to or don't want to quit your job, it's okay, honestly, you can still do it, but it will require a little planning.

When I was working full time, I used, and still use, our electronic gadgets often, I mean like ALL THE TIME. Obviously, any free time you can spare should be dedicated to partaking in your children's academics and classes & homeschooling needs to be fit into your day any chance you get, but during the times when you HAVE to be away but you want to make sure they're getting some school work done then these tips will come in handy, so take some notes.


Phones for Podcast listening and ever for note taking. Hello voice memos & notes app!

Phones for educational games....remember...this is homeschool now, you can do that! And yes, it DOES count. I'll give you a quick example. Wordscapes: Any words your child doesn't know get added to a new list, "notes", along with definition and when they have 5-10 new words, depending on their memorization capabilities, they study them until mastered! - Boom! Spelling class...check!

No electronics available at times? No problem! Don't underestimate good old books! Same concept, have them read however many chapters and write down words they don't know. Then have them look up the words in the dictionary and bam! Spelling class STILL done!

Our math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks, is an online subscription so the boys are able to use their phones or laptops to log into the interface and do their work. This is a student-led class so when we don't have time (because mom's away at work) for group classes we do 2-3 math lessons instead on one. We then compensate on other subjects on off days or free time (for mom). I've now recently incorporated a second math curriculum, A+Interactive Math, which is also online & pretty easy for mom and kids to use.

Tablets/iPads/Kindles for reading....apps...educational games and TV! I encourage you to get Netflix and create a profile strictly for homeschooling. There's TONS of educational shows on science, history, life skills and all kinds of interesting things that your children can benefit from. Have them write an essay on a few interesting facts or do further research on a specific topic or animal for example and write a paper on it if they're old enough. For younger kids, have them draw their favorite scene, or animal, you can even plan ahead and assign them a show/documentary say on Joan of Arc, print out a couple of coloring sheets and have the younger ones color while the older me, if you ask a few questions about it, the littles WILL surprise you!

Again, the possibilities are endless when you homeschool. And when all else fails, say you can bring your kids with you to work but you didn't get to plan ahead because, well, life, or if you only work a couple of days of the week and you can include them somehow into your work, make that a "Life-school" day and teach them about work ethics, your software, organization, filing, making copies, placing sticky notes or any other small tasks that will help them in the future and why not, help you out a bit too.

Tips on getting started

Stop, pay attention & listen...

Okay so like with anything, preparation and organization are key. This isn't something you can just wing girlfriend, although it does come close sometimes. Take the time to write out a game plan that will work for YOUR family and lifestyle.

I would recommend you take a week or two to just observe your day, kids, self. When or what makes you rush? What gets you in a funky mood?, What gets your kids in a funk? What do they like? What things do they enjoy doing? Are they crafty? Are they visual learners? Maybe they'll need YouTube instead of Podcasts ;) Is child care taken care of? When will homeschooling make sense for you? Morning or Evenings? How long is your commute? Maybe it's just long enough to do some school.... yep in the car! If your kids say they don't like school or a specific subject, listen to them and find out what it is they don't really enjoy about the current situation, find fun ways to integrate their least fave subject into their education. Think of picky eaters and how we have to sneak veggies incognito into their meals, same with picky learners. But also, say they LOVE frogs, let them learn all they can about frogs!

The Routine

All the points I mentioned earlier are super important in the creation of your routine. A routine is imperative to your homeschool, and dare I say our lives!

A tailored routine specifically created for your family, will be a life saver. Try and follow someone else's routine or schedule and you're most likely to fail because it's not catering to you guys! That's why it's important to take a week at least to mindfully feel out the flow of YOUR FAMILY'S LIFESTYLE.

Most moms, especially working moms think they can't homeschool because they won't have enough time in their already busy days to do so.

A strong routine will allow you to FIND "extra" time so that you are able to devote it, or some of it anyhow, to homeschooling your children. First of all let me just put this out there...home school (elementary) should no take more than 2/3 hours to officially call it a day. That's all you need! But that's a whole different subject I'd have to devote a post to.

Here's a tip; make chores part of your children's home routine. In our home, I do laundry & take the clothes out of the dryer, I simply extend (to avoid wrinkles) freshly laundered clothes out in a basket and they fold and put up their laundry while I work on lunch, dinner or my own laundry sorting, this way we all finish around the same time and save ourselves time for a family activity or school. If you do this throughout the day, trust me, you WILL find the time needed to homeschool your children.

I can honestly go on an on about ALL the things I write about individually, so if I can expand on a topic please feel free to reach out! Seriously, I LOVE chatting and sharing all I've learned.

I hope you kick ass & win at this doll! You've got it!

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